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Crossing the balance sheet to improve outcomes

A Certified Liability Advisor (CLA)™ is a financial professional with specialized expertise in managing liabilities and structuring debt to complement overall financial and investment strategies. A Certified Liability Advisor is trained and continually educated to be an expert in optimizing debt management, focusing on areas such as mortgages, managing real estate equity, and integrating liabilities into comprehensive financial plans.

Why Work With A CLA™?

Liability management, when incorporated effectively into a financial advisory practice, can lead to a variety of beneficial outcomes, often enhancing the overall client experience as well as the practice’s performance. Typically, six key impacts result from working with a Certified Liability Advisor (CLA™):

  • Asset Retention: Collaboration with a CLA™ can help clients maintain their assets more effectively, potentially preventing unnecessary liquidations to cover liabilities.
  • AUM Increase: Advisors may see a rise in Assets Under Management due to the strategic use of liabilities, which can lead to wealth accumulation for clients.
  • Non-Competing Professional: A CLA™ operates in a non-competing capacity, focusing on liabilities rather than trying to manage assets, thus complementing the advisor’s services.
  • Value Add with No Expense: Engaging with a CLA™ can provide additional value to clients without incurring extra costs, possibly enhancing the advisor’s value proposition.
  • Increased Client Engagement: The distinct approach of a CLA™ in managing liabilities can lead to more in-depth discussions with clients, resulting in stronger engagement and relationship building.
  • Happier Client: Effective liability management can lead to greater financial peace of mind for clients, thereby increasing their satisfaction and happiness with the advisory service.

Integrating CLA Expertise into Your Practice:

For financial professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of liability management and its impact on financial planning, collaborating with a Certified Liability Advisor can significantly enhance the value provided to clients. A CLA’s approach not only encompasses traditional financial planning principles but also introduces innovative strategies for using liabilities as tools for financial stability and growth.

Our Proven Process

Partner with SMPL Mortgage and discover a refined approach to liability management through our proven Borrow Smart Repay Smart™ process. Tailored for financial advisors, we align with your commitment to guide clients toward informed financial decisions and sustainable wealth growth. Here’s how we work together:

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