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First Time Home Buyer

First Time Home Buyer

Buying your first home is an exciting process - yet it can also be an overwhelming one. While it's important to consider square footage and school zones, it's also key to consider which mortgage loan solution is right for you.

For the first time home buyer there are countless questions and options to weigh before making this monumental life decision. Some mortgage logistics that you should reflect on include:

  • What type of loans are available to a first time home buyer ?
  • Do i need a down payment for my first home ?
  • What paperwork do i need when applying for a mortgage loan ?

Even the most financially savvy individuals would agree, rigorous research can only answer so many questions. If you're feeling overwhelmed with information, or are seeking the perspective of an expert, you don't have to navigate the information alone. At SMPL Mortgage our loan expert will guide you through the process and point you towards best mortgage decisions that help you traverse this major life milestone - buying your first home.

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SMPL Mortgage took the time to explain all our options and more importantly how those options affected our financial goals! It felt effortless and stress-free once we learned how the process worked. And BTW they stuck with us for 3 years until we were ready to buy....

Dara and Ricardo B.
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    About the Presenters

    John Thompson
    Mortgage Advisor, Founder

    "Since 1991 my team and I have been showing clients how to make SMART MORTGAGE and real estate decisions. We are Generational Lending Experts - from FIRST TIME buyers through advanced retirement planning strategies involving Reverse Mortgages"

    Kal Antoun
    Mortgage Advisor

    "My personal experience has taught me that with enough perseverance, kindness and empathy anything in life is possible. My goal is to help our clients get into the homes of their dreams with as much information and education about their financial future as possible.(While having a little fun too!)"

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