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John Thompson, CLA, CRMP Mortgage Advisor NMLS #:252514 C2: 135622 DRE: 01104249

John Thompson, CLA™, CRMP®, CDLP®


Since 1991 my team and I have been showing clients how to make SMART MORTGAGE and real estate decisions. We are Generational Lending Experts – From First Time buyers through advanced retirement planning strategies involving Reverse Mortgages.

CLA – Certified Liability Advisor

CRMP – Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional

NMLS: 252514

C2 NMLS: 135622

DRE: 01104249

Kal Antoun, CLA™, RMS

Certified Liability Advisor/Reverse Mortgage Specialist

“My personal experience has taught me that with enough perseverance, kindness, and empathy anything in life is possible. My goal is to help our clients get into the homes of their dreams with as much information and education about their financial future as possible. (While having a little fun too!)”

NMLS: 1012051

C2 NMLS: 135622

DRE: 1926564

David Thompson, CLA™


“My goal with every client an is to ensure that they understand what is happening at each stage in the transaction and that we are efficient, communicate often and generally work to make the mortgage process as SMPL and stress free as possible.   Making this complex process simple and understandable is my entire focus.”

NMLS: 1828229

C2 NMLS: 135622

DRE: 2096041

Jeff Bricmont


“For nearly two decades I have helped clients finance their new home or renovate their existing home. I believe a home is the centerpiece of our clients’ long-term financial planning and wealth building. Recently that has included exploring options for adding an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit). My clients have benefitted from the wide range of resources and the supportive attitude that the SMPL Mortgage team offers.”

NMLS: 246728

C2 NMLS: 135622

DRE: 1808582

Jack Samartin

Mortgage Advisor/Relationship Manager

“In the dynamic world of mortgage lending, I thrive on creating and nurturing strong partnerships that lead to our clients’ and partners’ success. At SMPL Mortgage, we’re not just advisors—we’re builders of financial futures, where every relationship is key to the strong foundation we construct together.”

NMLS: 2169694

C2 NMLS: 135622

DRE: 2224263

Scott Schroeder


“If you are a real estate agent or builder, connect with me and I can help keep you informed of mortgage financing options
for your clients. If you’re looking to buy a home or refinance your existing mortgage, I can provide you with loan options
to fit your specific financing needs.”

NMLS: 209653

C2 NMLS: 135622

DRE: 1131545

Processing Team

SMPL Mortgage has an experienced and fabulous team of loan processors.  Erin Potter, Andrea Vasquez, or Rick Cardenas (and his team) may be working on your file.  They are independent processors, which allows us to manage overhead and expenses based on volume, keeping our costs down for clients.  On the reverse mortgage side, we work with a great team within C2 Financial Corp.’s reverse mortgage division.  All of them are friendly professionals committed to a successful closing for every one of our clients.

C2 Financial Corporation

Working with C2 Financial Corp. as our lending partner provides our clients with access to the best options and best pricing across all product lines.  The flexibility of the C2 platform is a huge win for our team and clients, whether it be for conventional or non-conventional programs.  Our advice on programs and options is in perfect alignment with our clients’ goals and not a company or bank philosophy, program of the month, or sales target goal. We truly represent the client and no one else!

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