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Top 5 Reasons to Successfully Manage your Largest Asset.

A key to successful finances and a cornerstone to building wealth and creating financial security is Real Estate. There are several stages in life where making Smart decisions at those Pivot points will make the difference between success and something less.  Managing your cash flow and equity related to your home is based in the fundamental understanding and following “The Four Steps to Financial Freedom”.

Smart Home Buying

Most people aspire to own a home and believe it is very important to their financial success, however being able to articulate why is more difficult, other than a belief. There are key concepts to understand when buying a home- Leverage, Equity, Cash Flow and Taxes.

Cash Flow and Tax Planning Strategies

Since homes tend to consume the largest percentage of our income and the taxes related to real estate ownership reduce our wealth, it makes a lot of sense to spend some time focusing on improving those outcomes.

Diversification and Growing your Assets

Will protect you – keeping “all your eggs in one basket” has never been a wise idea and yet a vast majority of Americans have more wealth inside their homes than all their other assets combined. Successfully using home equity over time, as the value of our home increases, is simply a way of diversifying our assets and building wealth.

Retirement and Education Planning 

Many strategies to pay for retirement or education use Real Estate as a foundation.  There are several misconceptions about real estate and borrowing that cost homeowners time and money and may not be the most efficient way to build the funds needed to pay for retirement or education.

Grow your Real Estate Portfolio

Making money in Real Estate seems simple from the outside, we have all heard or seen folks building mini-empires with multiple properties.  However, for every successful investor there are hundreds that failed and lost money. Finding, acquiring, and managing property is a learned skill – it takes time, funds, significant effort and a bit of luck! The decision processes for Investment properties are very different from a Primary or Vacation home.

John Thompson, CLA, CRMP Mortgage Advisor NMLS #:252514 C2: 135622 DRE: 01104249


SMPL Mortgage is a generational lending leader in mortgage financing. We simplify this complex process through education, seminars and a personal approach that meets our clients needs whatever life stage they are in. We believe in people and their potential making their dreams of financial freedom Humanly Possible. – John Thompson, Mortgage Advisor, Founder

John Thompson – Branch Manager
NMLS: 252514 DRE: 01104229
Licensed in CA

“Dealing with all the team was pure pleasure. ”


What Lending Stage are you in?

SMPL Mortgage specializes in generational lending. For clients who need mortgage financing, we provide a total solution that fits whatever life stage you are in. We focus on Strategic Planning for folks who want to understand the financial implications of each stage of borrowing:


Low Down, FHA/VA, Renovation Options. Not ready today? We got you covered with our Unique Home Loan Action Plan!TM


Our Borrow Smart AnalysisTM will ensure the ideal mortgage balanced with your financial goals!


Vacation Home? Building a Real Estate empire? Been there, done that – our advice is invaluable!


Strategies and solutions for cash flow, lifestyle and protection aligned with your retirement income planning. Education is critical at this stage!


Creative options for borrowers whose income, credit or assets may be “Out of the Box”


SMPL Mortgage builds trust through a confident approach that assures the highest integrity for the complex process of mortgage finance. SMPL Mortgage’s professionalism gives our clients a human touch, empathetic with their needs and goals. Our reputation is built on trust and honesty.

We are committed to teaching first and earning second.  With a passion for educationSMPL Mortgage stands above with a knowledgeable staff that constantly mentors and advises our clients empowering them through workshops/webinars and personal consultations. SMPL Mortgage has built an informative culture that sets us apart. 

SMPL Mortgage’s innovative approach maintains our reputation for having our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing mortgage finance market.  Through easy-to-use online tools to online webinars, SMPL Mortgage is committed to providing a comprehensive service set that helps our clients evolve with the market.

With our client service, SMPL Mortgage provides a client goal-oriented personal touch.  We make mortgage financing HUMANLY POSSIBLE through our caring and passionate professionals. Not only do we understand the evolving market, we empathize with the various life stages our clients go through. We help families make positive financial changes to build their financial freedom.

“We are committed to teaching first and earning second.”

We constantly mentor and advise our clients empowering them through classes and one on one consultations.” – Kal Antoun, Mortgage Advisor

Kal Antoun, CLA
NMLS:1012051 DRE# 1923564

Licensed in CA

“SMPL Mortgage” is a DBA of C2 Financial Corp. 

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C2 Financial Corporation is a mortgage brokerage based out of San Diego, California. Founded in 2009 by management with combined industry experience of over 70 years, the company boasts over 1000 originators and is licensed in multiple states.

The company has over 100 wholesale lenders relationships, giving its clients access to virtually every possible loan program. Due to its size, the company receives preferred pricing and service from its wholesale lending partners resulting in superior pricing and experience for its clients.

In 2018, 2019, and 2020 C2 was ranked by as the largest mortgage broker in the country by Mortgage Executive Magazine and one of the ’50 Best Companies to Work For’


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