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The Purchase Pivot™

08 Jun 2024

The Purchase Pivot™ is a strategic approach designed to optimize funds and mortgage financing to enhance cash flow and build net worth. This strategy addresses common misconceptions about mortgage payments and provides alternative methods for managing down payments and liquidity to achieve long-term financial goals.

The Problem

  • Consumers focus on larger down payments and lower mortgage rates.
  • Savings for down payments take years, and interest rates are prioritized.
  • Large down payments reduce liquidity; inflation is rarely considered.

The Opportunity

  • CLA™ offers down payment strategies for cash flow and liquidity.
  • CLA™ explains inflation’s impact on borrowing costs and rate buydowns.
  • Collaboration addresses hidden costs, tax implications, and leverage.

The Solution

  • Analyzes down payment and fee structures, recommending a “Mortgage Side Fund.”
  • Balances down payment, home equity growth, safety, and liquidity.
  • Ensures optimal cash flow, financial security, and long-term wealth.
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