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Making money in Real Estate seems simple from the outside, we have all heard the stories of building a mini-empire with multiple properties.  However, for every successful investor there are hundreds that failed and lost money. Benefiting from Market appreciation is not making money in real estate and takes no skill.  Finding, acquiring, and managing property is a learned skill – it takes time, funds, significant effort and a bit of luck! The decision process around a Primary or Vacation home are very different from Investment property.

  • You make your money going in with investment real estate
  • Property type directs your Strategy – SFR, units, Multi-family, TIC; sCommercial
  • Strategy must be developed – Fix and Flip, long term hold, Passive or Active, Cash flow or appreciation
  • How is leverage going to be used–will properties be sold to increase to larger or more diverse properties or will equity be accessed via mortgage refinancing over time
  • Management – self managing or outsource management
  • Holding Structures – partners, LLC, TIC
  • Markets – once you start investing in Real estate you will discover that each market has unique characteristics and needs research and analysis before investing
  • Success – how will you measure success? Cash flow, equity, income ROI
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